The Most Comfortable Earbuds
The Most Comfortable Earbuds
The Most Comfortable Earbuds
The Most Comfortable Earbuds

The Most Comfortable Earbuds

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  • THE WORLD’S MOST COMFORTABLE EARBUDS / We designed our special earbuds to be exceptionally comfortable so you can enjoy premium sound, day in and day out.

  • CLEAN WELL-BALANCED SOUND / Experience greater sound dynamics from your favorite movies, games and videos all on your cell phone or portable device. Capable of rich, deep bass, without muddying the mid and high frequencies, for a natural and authentic sound.

  • FIRST CLASS NOISE ISOLATION / Relax in solitude as our AirBuds passively reduce unwanted sounds from the outside world so you can focus on you.

  • INCLUDES SMART MICROPHONE / Control your music and answer phone calls with a tap of a button to match your on-the-go lifestyle.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED / We stand by each and every AirBuds product and offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our products. If your AirBuds are damaged, we will replace them free of charge.

Hi - we’re AirBuds and we've created the world’s most comfortable earbuds for people who like to relax with their audio all day long.

We start with the most premium allergen-free memory foam material for the ear tips to provide a clean, custom fit for your ears. Because we want you to bring your AirBuds with you everywhere you go, we have included a special smart microphone so you can answer calls on-the-go and be safe and available wherever life takes you. Our confidence-inspiring flat cable construction means your earbuds stay tangle-free and ready to go, whenever you need them.

If music is your motivation, wait until you try our AirBuds – the most comfortable earbuds in the world. We provide each customer with a lifetime warranty on all AirBuds' products and will happily replace any damaged or defective item – free of charge! Choose The Most Comfortable Earbuds in the world and add AirBuds to your cart now! 


GuysGab.Com - Meet AirBuds, the most comfortable earbuds you’ll ever try. What makes AirBuds so comfortable? It’s their expandable soft memory foam earbuds that form to any ear, giving you a comfortable fit and superior sound quality. The concept is similar to earplugs, you simply roll the tips of AirBuds before placing them in your ear, and you can immediately feel them expand for a perfect fit in your ear canal, keeping the music in and that unwanted noise out, without any of the ear fatigue that other in-ear headphones tend to give you.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical with AirBuds claims at first, especially given their low price point. But with my current earbuds CONSTANTLY falling out while I’m working out, I volunteered to put them to the test. I was surprised at how comfy they were, how they stayed in place throughout my whole workout, and how much better they sounded than my $100 headphones! And because they do such a good job at blocking out ambient sounds at the gym, I don’t have to max out the volume on my MP3 player anymore.

LadiesGadgets.comThis new type of in-ear headphones use a modern material that you can find in many devices created with ergonomics in mind, which are designed to eliminate any pain from your ears while providing great sound. Even their name makes me think of something as light as air.

AirBuds are the most comfortable in-ear headphones available out there and the feature that makes them so special is the expandable memory foam used to create the ear tips. While silicone is just soft, feeling like skin, memory foam is soft, but also adapts its form to your ear canal, filling it to remove background noises. I’m already using my review pair and I can tell you can wear them for as many hours you need without feeling any pain or stress.






• Driver: 8mm
• Impedance: 16Ω +/- 15%
• Frequency Response: 20~20,000Hz
• Plug Type: 3.5mm (TRRS)
• Cable Length: 1.2M
• Expandable memory foam ear pieces
• Flat rubberized cable that doesn’t get tangled
• Built-in microphone for handsfree phone talk